What does SuperBudget do?

SuperBudget provides a quick overview of how much money you have left and how much of your budget you have already used for each of 8 categories.

Simple and Sweet
Super-Fast to Use
Sync with iCloud and/or your Private Server
It's Free

Design Principles: Simple and Fast

Most budgeting apps have too much clutter, you need to wade through menus and type in exact details - no one goes through that trouble for more than a few days.

SuperBudget is quick and easy to use!

  • Super-Simple: Everything you need to know is visible at one glance
  • Super-Fast: Add new transactions in seconds! Just touch and drag on any category.

Sync with iCloud

iCloud support enables you to stay in sync across all your devices. Add a transaction on one device and watch all others update within seconds!

Sync with Private Server

Want to share an account with more people? Not all your devices are iCloud-compatible? - Run your own private server!

for rates, or watch this space for full source-code and instructions to be released soon!

And yes! You can even three-way-sync with iCloud and a private server at the same time!


- on the iOS AppStore

Get it!

The one essential question before any purchase is: How much money do I have left to spend this month? SuperBudget provides the answer quickly and easily whenever you need it!

Markus Hofer

Finally! An app that keeps me from buying all this stuff I don't need when I can't afford it!

Frank Bennet